Emergency Management provides instructor-led trainings on a variety of preparedness topics and hazards. These trainings have been carefully developed to aid the LMU community in preparing for emergencies.

All trainings can be customized to your group's specific location or role on campus.

Trainings Offered

  • Active shooter / active threat
  • General emergency preparedness
  • Emergency preparedness on a specific topic or aimed at a demographic (ex. earthquake, tsunami, pet preparedness, or preparedness for persons with access and functional needs)

If you or your staff would like training, exercises, or drills customized to your needs, facility, or campus location, we can tailor a course to fit your requirements. Please submit the form below to inquire about other training opportunities.

For trainings not offered in house, like CPR/AED certification, Emergency Management will need to contract with an outside partner which requires an associated cost and minimum number of students per class. If you are interested in a training not listed in the Wufoo dropdown form, please let us know and we will follow up with you with options on how to proceed. 

Campus Safety Training Request

LMU Campus Safety Services provides a series of training opportunities for the LMU community, including all-hazard emergency preparedness, fire and earthquake safety, building walkthroughs, and more. You may register for training as an individual or as a group exercise for your area (office, classroom, residence hall). Explore courses via the drop down below and register!

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