Radiological Dispersion

Radiological Dispersion Device

While the explosive blast will be immediately obvious, the presence of radiation will not be known until trained personnel with specialized equipment are on the scene.

If You're Outdoors

  • Seek shelters indoors in the nearest undamaged building.
  • If no appropriate shelter, cover your nose and mouth and move away from location of explosive blast.
  • Listen for official instructions and follow directions.

If You're Indoors

  • Turn off ventilation and heating systems, close windows, vents, fireplace dampers, exhaust fans, and clothes dryer vents.
  • Take disaster supply kit and radio to your shelter room.
  • Seek shelter preferably underground or in an interior room of building, placing distance and shielding between you and the outdoors.
  • Seal windows and external doors with duct tape to reduce radioactive particles. Plastic sheets will not provide shielding from radioactivity.
  • Listen for official instructions and follow directions.

After a Radiological Dispersion Device Event

  • If exposed to radioactive material, decontaminate yourself (remove and bag clothing), shower with soap and water.
  • Continue to listen to your radio and television for instructions from local officials.
  • Do not return to or visit an RDD incident location for any reason.

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