Security Technology and Access Control

Security Technology and Access Control (STAC) is a newly formed group that combines the former Security Technology team and the Facilities Management Lockshop into one department. STAC handles all security infrastructure and access control for the LMU community.

The new STAC team has two main areas of focus:

  • The efficient implementation of security infrastructure, to meet the security and investigatory needs of the university. This includes the design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of LMU’s security cameras, video viewing and storage software, intrusion alarms, duress systems, and license plate recognition systems.
  • The proper function and configuration of access control devices. The STAC team currently maintains over 7,000 access control touchpoints at the Westchester and Playa Vista campuses. In addition to routine maintenance, the STAC team is responsible for adding, modifying, and removing access to maintain the appropriate level of security.

We look forward to serving the LMU community!