In the Event of a Power Outage

  • Use flashlights. DO NOT use candles or other types of open flame.
  • DO NOT use elevators.
  • Check elevators to determine if anyone is trapped inside. If so, tell passengers to stay calm, and immediately notify Public Safety at 310.338.2893 or via the Rave Guardian app.
  • DO NOT attempt to force open elevator doors.
  • If the power outage is caused by a weather related incident, remain indoors until the inclement weather subsides. If you must go outside, proceed with caution, protect yourself from falling debris, and beware of downed or damaged power lines.
  • Evacuate the building only if necessary. Generally and especially during inclement weather, it is safest to remain indoors.
  • Unplug and turn off electrical equipment (e.g. desktop computers, laboratory equipment, small appliances).
  • Report any issues related to or resulting from the power outage to DPS.

Note: During and immediately following a power outage, you may experience delays when attempting to access doors/areas that require card entry.

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