Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The goal of the LMU Emergency Response Team (ERT) program is to ensure that every on-campus building has trained staff and/or faculty available to provide safety and emergency preparedness information, as well as emergency response support to the students, staff, and faculty in that location.

One ERT member is assigned to each non-housing structure on campus. In University Hall, ERT members are assigned to each floor. Resident Directors and Resident Advisors serve as the ERT members in campus residence halls.

ERT members will receive training and attend meetings throughout the academic year to refresh and enhance emergency response capabilities. During emergencies or drills, ERT members will be use an issued emergency backpack and serve as a liaison between the first responders (DPS, LAFD, or LAPD) and building occupants.

Trainings occur year-round and follow the ReadyLMU preparedness campaign topics. ERT members are also issued an emergency backpack and trained on how to use the content inside in case of a disaster or for the annual building drills. ERT meetings occur bi-monthly and provide an opportunity to engage with ERT members from other buildings.

To inquire about ERT members assigned to your building, or if you are interested in joining the team, please email emergencyinfo@lmu.edu. We are always in need of new ERT members.