Can I review recorded video footage?
No, recorded video footage is only for use in active Public Safety investigations. If you need to file a report, please visit the Incidents & Investigations page. 

Can I review live security video?
Only under specific circumstances. If you would like to request access to view security cameras in your area, please email for a Security Infrastructure Evaluation, and our team will contact you for next steps.

Can you tell me who last used my door?
No, door access reports are for the use of DPS in the investigation of a reported incident. If you need to file a report, please visit the Incidents & Investigations page. 

What type of lock do I have? 
There are (3) different types of locks used at LMU: Onity, Lenel Swipe, and Lenel Tap. Please refer to the images below to find yours. 


Lenel Swipe

Lenel Tap