Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian logo

Campus Safety Services has partnered with Rave Guardian to develop a customized safety app for the LMU community. Text discreetly with Public Safety to report incidents and prevent dangerous situations, utilize the "Watch Me Walk" feature for added security getting home at night, and access important campus resources – all at your fingertips!

All Lions are strongly encouraged to download and familiarize themselves with the app, both for emergencies and everyday use.

Access Rave Guardian

  1. Download "Rave Guardian" in the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Enter your phone number, enter the verification code you receive, and verify your account to join LMU's customized platform.
  3. Access the dashboard of LMU tools and resources, including:
    • Emergency numbers
    • "Watch Me Walk" safe walk home feature
    • Emergency push notifications
    • Discreetly text Public Safety to report issues and prevent dangerous situations (reporting can be anonymous!)
    • Campus maps and quick links to Housing, Parking and Transportation, LMU CARES, and more...