Campus Visitors

Updated October 18, 2021

Per L.A. County Public Health Order, LMU must continue to restrict campus access to only those who live on campus and those who are essential employees and must be on campus to perform their job functions. Individuals who do not have pre-approval from their Dean or Vice President will not be permitted to access campus.

To learn more and request campus access for an approved visitor, please select the dropdown below.

  • Deans, Vice Presidents, and Designees -

    To request one-time access for essential visitors who fall into one of the pre-approved categories, each area's Dean, Vice President, or designee may register them on this website:

    Please register your essential visitor at least one (1) business day in advance. If you have submitted a request that needs to be changed, please edit the request or submit a new request.

    Note: This site is only for coordinating access for the essential visitors noted above. If you need to coordinate access for an event guest, please review the A-Z index for instructions. You do not need to request advance access for Uber/Lyft and other ride-share and food delivery services.

    Only those who are pre-approved to request access for essential visitors may utilize this system.