Hazardous Waste

Handling Hazardous Materials

  • LMU policy requires hazardous wastes be segregated and placed in appropriate waste containers.
  • Waste materials generated from LMU operations may be hazardous to both employees and others who handle waste.
  • Typical examples include various solvents, paints, or any materials considered flammable, reactive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious, sharp, etc.
  • Shop and lab personnel are responsible to direct their waste to the correct disposal method.
  • Follow these guidelines in handling potentially dangerous materials for disposal.

Chemical Waste

  • Chemical waste should be disposed of through the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Department by contacting Tony Chavez at 310.338.7861.
  • Waste materials must be placed in approved containers.
  • Approved containers must be labeled with hazardous waste labels.
  • Waste content AND Date when first drop of hazardous waste is placed in container must be written on the container. Containers with hazardous waste cannot be kept in an area for longer than 9 months. Prior to 9 months, or when containers are full, contact Tony Chavez at 310.338.7861 for pickup.
  • If unsure regarding whether a material is hazardous waste or regular waste, contact EHS.

Radioactive Waste

  • Radioactive waste material must be properly labeled, placed in special radioactive waste containers, and disposed of through EHS.
  • To prevent contamination, only laboratory workers and EHS personnel should handle these containers
  • For more information, contact David French 310.338.1932.


  • Sharps such as used needles and razors must be placed in sharps containers. When full, contact Tony Chavez for pickup.