When to Contact EHS

  • Before starting a new process or procedure that may require regulatory approval
  • When changing a process that is permitted (i.e. air and water discharges)
  • When disposing of hazardous waste
  • When general or specific environmental or safety questions arise
  • When general or specific environmental or safety training is needed
  • When accidents/incidents occur involving hazardous materials


To request a complimentary face mask, please complete this form

In the event of an emergency, please call LMU Public Safety immediately at 310.338.2893.

For Environmental Health & Safety matters, please refer to the following EHS contacts:

Roberto Aguirre
Director of Campus Safety & Compliance
Office: 310.568.6118 
Email: roberto.aguirre@lmu.edu 

Roel Enriquez
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Office: 310.338.1932
Mobile: 310.420.6044
Email: roel.enriquez@lmu.edu

Tony Chavez
General EHS Representative
Hazardous Waste Specialist
Office: 310.338.7861
Mobile: 310.420.5385
Email: achavezi@lmu.edu

Patty Castaneda
Safety & Compliance Investigator
Office: 310.338.3978
Mobile: 310.345.4577
Email: pcastaneda@lmu.edu

The EHS Office is located in the Research Annex Building, Suite 100.