Active Shooter Preparedness

Use this checklist to assess your preparedness to respond to an active shooter in your office, classroom, and other spaces you frequent on campus. To download a print version, please visit Active Shooter Preparation Checklist

____    Confirm that your office or learning space has a campus phone installed.

If you dial 9-1-1 from a campus phone, Campus Safety will be alerted that an emergency call was placed and your location, so they can send help without delay. Campus phones are also used as a PA system across campus. If you do not have a campus phone in your office or learning space, email

____    Confirm that your learning space displays emergency information signs, which include tips and important phone numbers.

____    Identify at least two ways you can exit the space, where those exits lead to, and how to get outside the building.

____    Examine your door, and identify ways you could tie it down and barricade access.

            Due to Los Angeles fire code and to ensure accessibility of classrooms, doors may not have a deadbolt or be locked during classroom hours. Depending on room capacity, doors are also likely to open out into the hall. To secure a learning space door, you may need to get creative—tie a belt or scarf around the door and connect it to something else in the room or tied something around the door arm. Think about how you could use furniture to barricade yourself in.

____    Know how to turn off the lights. Be familiar with light switches so you can turn off lights without delay to make it look like the room is unoccupied.

____    Identify at least two things you could use to shield yourself (think chair, desk, or other equipment or furniture)

____    Identify at least two things you could use as improvised weapons (think furniture, books, fire extinguisher, or other equipment)

____    Program Campus Safety’s number in your cell phone. 310.338.2893

____    Register, update, or confirm your cell phone and email address in LMU Alert.

____    Download and activate the RAVE Guardian mobile app.

____    Participate in the annual February drill. In 2022, the annual drill will take place on February 17 at 9:50 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You can view the full drill guide here: 2022 Annual Active Shooter Drill Guide